5 essential literacy products for 3-8yr olds

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So, picking up where we left off last blog but this time it is all about our must have literacy products for each age group. Remember, most of our products come with activity cards at NO extra cost that detail different educational activities that can be done at home to maximise learning and the overall use of your chosen product.

The activities all align to the Australian Curriculum which is what is being taught in schools and focus heavily on play based and age-appropriate learning. This means that you shouldn’t have any problems getting your child to engage with the activities!

So, lets jump in!

Our top 5 products for 3-4yr olds..

These products focus on building the early foundations of Literacy and are suited to your little people in the year before starting formal schooling.

  1. Natural Lowercase Puzzle

This beautiful product will soon be back on our shelves and you will not want to miss out! Puzzles are a fantastic toy for your little ones as they develop hand eye co-ordination, spacial recognition, problem solving skills and patience and resilience. You can add letter and sound recognition plus a whole heap more to benefits of this particular puzzle. Definitely a versatile must have!

  1. Capital Letter Puzzle

Why not the capital letter puzzle to your collection as well? With all the same benefits as the Natural Lowercase Puzzle, the capital letter puzzle will also draw your little ones attention to the difference between capital and lowercase letters and can spark deeper conversations about when it is appropriate to use one. This puzzle is also perfect if you are looking for a colourful addition to your collection or if your little love has started to show interest in learning the colours.

  1. Alphabet Tiles - Double Sided

These hand-made, wooden alphabet tiles are perfect if your child is showing lots of interest in letters and you feel like they are ready for a challenge. They feature the lower case letter on one side and the upper case on the back which means they can be used in a variety of learning activities. Our accompanying activity cards details so many fun, age-appropriate ways these can be used!

  1. The Play and Learn Tray

Well you probably already know by now how versatile this product is if you have been following along for a little while. Our Alphabet Tiles - Double Sided fit perfectly in the slots up the top plus it comes with our Alphabet Tracing Board and a write and wipe clear screen allowing your child to trace the letters without damaging the board.  

  1. Tracing Lines - Double Sided Board

This hand-made wooden board has three pre-writing patterns to trace on one side and 6 engraved shapes on the back. Pre-writing patterns are so important for building the skills and strength needed for beginning writing. As they trace over the patterns, your child is learning the shapes needed to form letters later on whilst they build fine motor strength needed for writing.



Our top 5 products for 4-6yr olds..

Below are some of the essential products needed for your little persons first year at school.

  1. Word Building Kit

This gorgeous kit comes with a set of 40 wooden letters to build words. They are perfect for kids practicing their spelling lists or HF words. The letters are also the perfect size for our CVC Dual Boards for an added challenge.

  1. CVC Dual Boards

CVC or ‘Consonant-Vowel-Consonant’ words such as ‘hat, mop and tap’ are part of the Foundation (Prep) Curriculum and are perfect to help your little loves practice sounding out words as well playing with words in word families and rhyming. This essential kit comes with 2 wooden boards and a set of wooden letters.

  1. Capital Letter Spelling Tiles

These tiles are perfect for hands on and engaging learning of letters and sounds. The indented design allows for lots of sensory exploration whilst learning the shapes of letters. Your child can also join tiles together to create words and practice blending and segmenting sounds.

  1. Natural Lowercase Puzzle OR Capital Letter Puzzle

As mentioned earlier, these puzzles have so many great uses and on top of these, they can be used across all ages. Your older learners can use the puzzle pieces to practice spelling plus lots of other awesome ideas detailed on the accompanying activity card.

  1. The Play and Learn Tray with added Alphabet Tiles - Double Sided

Slot the Alphabet Tiles - Double Sided up the top and away you go! Your child can use the write and wipe clear tray to practice spelling words, forming letters or to just trace the alphabet on the included Alphabet Tracing Board.


Lastly, our top 5 products for 6-8yr olds..

These products are perfect for building on the early foundations of English/literacy and are best suited for those babes in Year 1 or their second year of schooling.

  1. Word Building Kit

Your older babes can use these beautiful wooden letters for spelling more complicated words or give them a challenge and ask them to create as many words as they can using the tiles. This kit is perfect for your little loves not yet ready to start school and can be used right through the early years, so a definite must have!

  1. Alphabet Threading Set

Soon to be arriving on our shelves, we know this is going to be a popular one! The added element of threading makes any activity more joyful and your child will be strengthening their hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills whilst also learning about letters, words and spelling.

  1. Punctuation Tiles

Did you know that recognising and correctly using punctuation is a requirement of your littlest loves, even down in Prep (or the first year of formal schooling)? Our Punctuation Tiles are the perfect resource to help them name, recognise and use the different punctuation marks in an easy and engaging way. Punctuation can be a skill that is often overlooked but it is incredibly important. Don’t forget, the tiles come with activity cards that detail how to use them at home, taking all the guess work out of it for you!

  1. Alphabet Tiles - Double Sided

So, if you have been reading since the very start you probably know just how truly valuable these tiles are to your babes learning. So versatile across the ages and with so many different ways to be used, they are a sure thing in our eyes. Plus, they are handmade and just gorgeous!

  1. The Play and Learn Tray

A popular resource for any age, the Play and Learn Tray can definitely be used over and over again from your littlest loves during sensory play right through to your older children learning how to use digraphs and spell increasingly complex words. Pair the tray with our Alphabet Tiles - Double Sided and the opportunities are endless.

Don’t forget, we also sell the Learning Letters Set that includes some of our most valuable literacy products all in the one package.

Please let us know if you have found this blog helpful in any way by sharing using the socials links at the top or bottom of the page. We truly care deeply about your child’s education in the early years of schooling and hope to make choosing the best products a little bit easier for you!  

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