Hats off to the working Mums

Hello friends,

WOW! Anyone else just feel like the last few weeks have been chaotic!? Or is it just me?? I am still trying to work out the balance between work and home and have been feeling frustrated at not being able to do my normal thing at home to the same standard as I was before I was back at work.

The juggle is real and the guilt! Oh wow, I cannot even describe the feeling. I can actually feel my heart breaking every time I drive down the driveway – and Evie is fine!!! She stays at home with her Dad and she smiles and waves and blows kisses and I know she has the best time with him. It is also the most heart-warming feeling seeing the relationship between the two of them just blossom into this magical thing as I know that they get this quality time together that they wouldn’t normally have if I was there as she is such a Mumma’s girl (and I LOVE it!).

It has been a HUGE mental and emotional transition for me and I am not sure if it will ever get any easier but I am hoping that over time the feelings will not be so raw and overwhelming.

Anyway, it’s almost school holidays here in QLD, one week to go and we are halfway through the school year already! I know lots of you will be counting down the days until you can break the routine a bit and enjoy the slow mornings, not having to pack lunches, have uniforms ready to go or have dinner organised before heading out for the afternoon to attend the myriad of after school commitments.

Perhaps you might also find yourself needing to entertain your little loves a little bit more without school to break up the days and so we thought we would share some of our most popular products that have proven they are worth their weight in gold time and time again.

First up is the ever so popular Connetix Tiles. They are a HUGE hit for young and old as they allow for so much creativity and exploration. The possibilities for construction are endless and our starter pack is the perfect place to begin! Currently our favourite product and the one that comes highly recommended by any parent I speak to you about ways to engage and entertain their babes.   

Next up is our Bibbidi Bub natural, scented play dough. Play dough is always a winner in our house and was always such a popular & staple activity at school. Add even more fun by including a set of our handmade, wooden play dough stamps. Sit back and let their imaginations run wild!

natural scented play dough

Lastly, we couldn’t go past our infamous Play and Learn Tray. Set up small world play or any type of sensory experience for your younger babes or pair it with some of our other educational products like the Counting Coins, Alphabet Tiles or any of our Tracing Boards to add a challenge for your bigger babes.

sensory play

Enjoy the holidays and enjoy making memories and soaking up the precious time with your little loves at home! I know that I certainly will be and cannot wait! I would absolutely love to hear all about your plans for the holidays or any other working mum’s stories & tips/tricks to make the transition easier so please comment below or on our latest insta post.

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