5 Essential maths products for 3-8year olds

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I know as a parent when it comes to choosing products that are best for our children’s learning and development, we can become bombarded with SO much information and SO many beautiful products that sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming, and we end up with nothing. Or the opposite, we end up with everything!

We have so many gorgeous, high quality learning and educational products here at Willow Eve Play that we have decided to make choosing what’s best a little easier on you. We have done all the thinking for you and will share a series of blog posts on our top 5 must have products for different areas of learning and development.

So, what are the top 5 must have products for developing numeracy skills?

Well, you have found yourself in the perfect place if you are searching for some quality, versatile products to build a range of mathematical skills in your young people. Most of the products we have chosen also come with our activity cards suited to your child’s age/year level. Each card details different ways to use the product to get the most out of learning at home. Plus, the activities all link to the curriculum and focus on learning through play!

Our top 5 products for 3-4yr olds..

These products focus on building the early foundations of mathematics and are suited to your little people in the year before starting formal schooling.

  1. Geo Shapes Tracing Board

These boards are perfect for shape recognition and learning the names of 2D shapes. They are the perfect size for little hands to carry on a ‘shape hunt’ and the design allows for little fingers to trace the shape and fill with sensory items to make learning hands on and interactive.

  1. Tracing Lines and Shapes Board

This hand-made, wooden board is double sided, featuring pre-writing patterns on the front and 6 engraved shapes on the back. It is lightweight which makes it perfect for your little loves to carry around with them as they spot the shapes in the environment around them. This board is designed to fit in our Play and Learn Tray which means you can add the wipe clear screen on top and your child can trace over the shapes, whilst they say the shape name and become familiar with its features.

  1. Coloured Mushrooms

Are these not the most delightful things you ever did see!? This set of 10 mushrooms are perfect for beginner counters as well as those who are ready to move onto small quantities. Don’t forget colours and sorting too! There are so many ways to use these gorgeous mushrooms right up to the early years of schooling. Don’t panic though, our activity card provides you with all that you need to use them to consolidate and extend learning!

  1. Coco Counter Jar

Another fantastic product that will last you right through the early years of schooling. The Coco Counter Jar allows your little ones to develop a variety of skills through things like singing nursery rhymes and sensory play. This set of 100 counters is perfect for beginning counting, sequencing and understanding quantities.

  1. Counting Coins 1-10

Do you feel like your little one is ready for an extra challenge before heading to school? These beautiful Counting Coins are handmade with the numeral and word on one side and the matching number of dots on the other. They are also the perfect fit for our Play and Learn Tray or Number Tracing and Tens-Frame Board  .

Beautiful set of 10 mushrooms perfect for numeracy skills and open ended play

Our top 5 products for 4-6yr olds..

Below are some of the essential products needed for your little persons first year at school.

  1. Counting Coins 1-10

These double sided, handmade, wooden counting coins are definitely an essential for anyone looking to practice number recognition, counting, sequencing and much more at home. They are perfect for building the foundations of early number concepts. They are also the perfect fit for our Play and Learn Tray or Number Tracing and Tens-Frame Board  .


  1. Counting Coins 11-20 & 0

Also the perfect fit for our Play and Learn Tray or Number Tracing and Tens-Frame Board , these coins are the perfect extension to add once your little person has mastered the numbers from 0-10. Use the accompanying activity card to extend your child’s knowledge and challenge their understanding.


  1. Number Tracing Board & 10s Frame - Double Sided

Correct number formation is so important in the early years of schooling and our handmade, wooden numbers board is perfect for practicing. The board is designed to fit in our Play and Learn Tray which means you can add the wipe clear screen on top and your child can use markers to trace the numbers. There is also an engraved 10s frame on the back which our  Counting Coins 11-20 & 0 are perfect for.


  1. Jumbo Counting Trays

There are SO many interesting and engaging ways to use our counting trays which makes them the perfect essential. The design allows for lots of open-ended use and sensory play to consolidate and extend learning. They are perfect for number recognition and formation, counting, sequencing, matching quantities and so much more.


  1. Coloured Mushrooms

Yes, these gorgeous things again! This set of 10 mushrooms can be used time and time again for so many different concepts. Our activity card shares ways on how to use these for counting, patterning, sharing and partitioning. A must have for all ages, young and old!


Lastly, our top 5 products for 6-8yr olds..

These products are perfect for building on the early foundations of mathematics and are best suited for those babes in Year 1 or their second year of schooling.

  1. Coco Counter Jar

This set of 100 counters is so simple yet brings so much value. It can be used from before school as well as beyond the early years of schooling. It is perfect for your older child who may be practicing counting to and from 100, matching quantities, partitioning or learning the basics of solving addition and subtraction problems.

  1. Wooden Dice - Set of 6

Another simple yet effective productive that can also be used across year levels. These are perfect for your child to practice efficient counting strategies or to think critically and creatively about addition and subtraction problems and sharing and partitioning. So many opportunities for open-ended learning occur.

  1. Coloured Mushrooms

You can probably see by now how valuable this set of 10 mushrooms is and how much we love them! Watch as your little love builds on their growing set of skills by using these mushrooms in lots of fun and engaging ways.

  1. Maths Equation Tiles

Addition, subtraction and early multiplication and division skills are learnt in the early years and these tiles are the perfect product to learn these skills in a hands-on and interactive way. Create problems with your child and use the tiles to model them. Use our Play and Learn Tray and Counting Coins 1-10 to make it even more interactive.

  1. Counting and Maths Set -  ARRIVING SOON!

We are SO, SO excited about the arrival of the incredible Counting and Maths Set. Your child will delight in using the coloured balls to solve problems and practice their growing skill set. Definitely one to bring lots of joy as well as valuable learning.



We also have a Learning Numbers Set that can be completely customised with our numeracy products!  

We truly hope that this post gave you some valuable insight into some of the must have products for the development of early mathematical skills and took away some the initial overwhelm you may have been feeling.

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