Respecting Children's Innate Way of Learning

Innate: inborn, natural

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Thank you SO much for being here and choosing to read our blog with the little spare time that you do have! It truly means the world to us. Our aim is to spread awareness about how children learn best and to give you some fun, evidence-based ways to incorporate PLAY into your home as much as you can with your little humans. So, lets go!

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So, what is children’s innate way of learning?

PLAY is something that occurs NATURALLY for our children and something that has been recognised as important time and time again by scholars researching Early Childhood. Through play, children are not only learning about and interacting with the world around them, they are also strengthening their social, emotional and cognitive development.

They are learning how to work collaboratively, empathise with others, take turns, form, and share opinions, ask questions and re-enact scenarios from their lives all in an environment that not only feels safe to them but one that is fun and joyful. Play allows our littlest loves to make sense of the big, wide world in a way that makes sense to them. It gives them confidence to express ideas, practice new skills, be creative and explore their interests. On top of all of this, it also strengthens children’s language skills as they interact with others and take on the role of others in their dramatic play.

And it does not just stop and go away at age 4 when it is time for them to start formal schooling. Children are natural ‘do-ers.’ They are innately curious (just think how many questions your toddler asks a day), natural thinkers, innovators, explorers, problem solvers and are inquisitive about the world. They possess the most magical qualities, and it breaks my heart to see these qualities undervalued, squashed, or not even noticed in the classroom.

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How are respecting this innate way of learning?

Willow Eve Play is passionate about and respects our littlest humans and we have created this platform to help you at home advocate for them and the magical qualities they have. The products on our website are carefully chosen with all of this in mind – from our play dough  that strengthens fine motor skills, allows for creativity and imagination plus is a beautiful sensory experience, to our Discovery Light & Colour Blocks , Eco Bricks and Connetix Tiles  allowing for the development of spatial awareness, problem solving, persistence and creative thinking not to mention the bonus of learning shape and colour.


Our Educational products come with activity cards that inspire children and their families to have fun and to play and learn together in a stress free, joyful environment. They encourage families to get outside and forage for loose parts to inspire learning or to get their hands dirty and to learn letters and numbers through playdough, painting, glitter etc.

 Our products bring the joy back into learning and allow for you at home to continue to nurture what comes naturally to our special little people so they can flourish.

Bibbidi Bub Sky Playdough Stamps 


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