Starting School Must Haves

Hello friends! 

EEEEK! Can you believe that we are already in the second half of the year!!? If you have little ones starting school next year you may have already started with the enrolments and school tours and the paperwork and everything else that comes along with starting big school!

I have seen so many tiny little humans having their school tours recently and they just look so, so tiny to starting! Aaahh I cannot even imagine when it’s time for Evie to start!!

So, my aim is to help take some of the overwhelm out of this transition by providing some insight and tips into some ways to help make it a little easier on everyone. So why not start with some of our top starting school must have products. We have a lot of educational products online and it’s totally understandable for families to see all the different options and not really know where to begin or what is going to be age appropriate for their little one.

Remember, everything comes back to learning through play and hands on, engaging experiences with your children. Check out our blog on why this is essential here. Don’t forget, our products also come with activity cards that outline engaging and interactive ways to use them. Often they are activities that I have used in my classroom and have proven to be winners time and time again.

A quote to come back to when you are looking at what you can do to start supporting your child for the transition to school is:

Childhood is not a race to see how quickly a child can read, write or count. Childhood is a small window of time to learn and develop at the pace which is right for each individual child” – Magda Gerber.

It is absolutely beneficial to work with your child at home but also so incredibly important, especially in the season before big school starts, to enjoy all those luxurious moments of free play and exploration.

What are our top must haves for starting school?

Below we have listed some of our favourites.

Play and Learn Tray

Say hello to your all-in-one solution for letters, numbers, sensory, small parts, bookish play and tactile homeschool learning! This bundle includes:

1 x Play & Learn Tray

- 1 x Tracing board, double sided with lowercase letters on one one side and numbers 1-20 on reverse.

Build words with the alphabet tiles in the word builder, use the counting coins in the tens frame to make maths tactile and fun. Use the sensory tray to explore learning with sand/play-dough/small parts!

In the holder at the back, display flash cards, number and alphabet cards, sight words, books or one of our tracing boards.

These double sided tracing boards sit perfectly in the sensory tray, pop the wipe clean screen on, and now your little can practice tracing and writing too!

All handmade from sustainably sourced solid Pine, in the hills of Byron Bay.

Alphabet Tiles - Double Sided

These alphabet tiles are the perfect addition to any play and learning activity! They are handmade from sustainably sourced solid pine and are sanded soft on all edges. Engraved on both sides, one side uppercase and the reverse lower case, in NSW foundation font.

The tiles are approx 40mmx40mmx20mm and come in a drawstring back for safe keeping. These can be easily added to The Play & Learn Tray and fit in the word builder perfectly!

Tracing Lines and Shapes Board - Double Sided

The Tracing Lines and Shapes board is a fun way to learn shapes and build fine motor skills used in writing!

The board is double sided, with three patterns to trace on one side, and six shapes engraved on the back.

These tracing boards are made to sit in the Play & Learn Tray. Just pop the wipe clean screen on the top and you’re ready to write!

Counting Coins

There are endless ways these could be incorporated into play to invite learning opportunities! These can be easily added to The Play & Learn Tray and fit the built in tens frame perfectly.

The coins are engraved on both sides. One side with the digit and written word and the reverse side has corresponding tens dots.

Each coin is made from sustainably sourced solid Pine, and is individually sanded on all edges for a beautiful, soft, tactile experience.

The coins are approx 40mmx40mmx20mm and come in a drawstring back for safe keeping.

I truly hope this has helped to take some of the guess work out of what to get your little one and as always, if you found this to be helpful at all please like or leave us a comment and please don't forget to share by clicking the socials buttons on this page. 

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