Willow Eve Play Activity Cards

 We provide research and evidence-based activities that align to the Australian Curriculum for the subject areas of English and Mathematics for years Prep and 1.

We also provide engaging and age-appropriate activities for children in Kindergarten, or the year before formal schooling, that allow them to become familiar with and begin to build their confidence with early Literacy and Numeracy skills.

As a bonus (& the most important part, we think!!), they allow your child to learn in an authentic, age appropriate and most of all, fun way.

As you browse throughout the ‘educational’ section of our website you may have already noticed that the product you hoped to purchase does not come with the option of an activity card or does not come with an option of an activity card for the year level you were hoping for.

So, why not?
We have ensured that everything here at Willow Eve Play is completed to the highest possible standard and that includes the activities designed for each product. We are first and foremost committed to and invested in the quality of your child’s learning at home and always have what is best for them at the forefront of our minds. It is essential to us that the activities on the cards are meaningful, purposeful, and full of depth to allow your children rich, authentic and holistic learning experiences at home.

We have personally chosen activities that best suit each individual product as we wanted to avoid a ‘one size fits all approach’ and ensure that the activities are both age appropriate and meet the demands of the relevant curriculum expectations of each year level.

It is also important to us that we have a range of beautiful products available to suit your needs at home and understand that it also just as valuable for your child to have the time and space for independent practice.

So, if you cannot purchase an activity card with your product, please understand that we have intentionally decided that this product is best used for independent practice of skills and if you cannot purchase an activity card for your desired year level, please understand that we have used our professional judgement and decided that the product is better aligned with the curriculum requirements of another year level.  


The activity cards come at NO EXTRA cost when purchasing one card with each product. Additional cards for the same product will incur an additional cost.